The iBus Story in Pictures

On our Memory Wall, we asked you for your photos and memories and were pleased to receive quite a few responses. Looking through them, we realised that they told the story of the development of iBus; so here’s the story, in pictures…

The days before iBus

It certainly was a different world before iBus system came along – as these photos clearly show.

Implementation & testing

Were you involved in iBus implementation and testing? If so, these may look familiar.

The team that delivered & supported iBus

How many of the Deployment and Service Desk teams do you recognise?

Deployment team
Service Desk Team

iBus tomorrow?

Development of iBus has been ongoing for 15 years. We continually strive to deliver improvements to the software, hardware and overall user experience. Below you can see some images of the latest product roadmap options, about which you can read more within the Product Roadmap section of this site.