Product Roadmap

iBus is rightly deemed a global flagship ITS solution. However, as befits a solution specifically designed for London, the underlying technology is continually evolving to ensure it meets the ever-changing demands of an ever-changing city.

Adiona Integration

Vast amounts of integration work have been undertaken to ensure the seamless integration of Trapeze’s iBus and Adiona solutions, delivering ‘one version of the truth’ in relation to the management of all bus service data in London. The benefits of this work will be realised when Adiona goes live, planned later this year. You can find out more about this project via the Adiona page.

Product Roadmap Options

User expectations are also continually developing, which is why we are in the process of updating all aspects of our user experience. You can learn more about some of the options on our product roadmap below.

Trapeze’s IDR has been awarded the ITxPT label, recognising its approach to standardisation and interoperability.

Do more with your data: create your own BI reports in ‘Self Bi’, while operators can manage KPIs.

Missing Trips Validation (MTV) tool is now accessible via a browser and is more efficient and easier to use.

The iBus Dispatcher Terminal has a new modern interface, making it easier to make required changes.