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A technology vision for London

Over the past 15 years, we have worked together to transform transport in London. But London must continue to lead the bus world – and all while managing the realities of modern life, including budgetary restrictions, changing travel habits, and as we have so recently seen, the impact of external factors on demand for transport. So what comes next?


The Internet of Things

Connected London: The Role of the Internet of Things in Tomorrow’s Smartest City


Fully electric buses: analysing the essential preparation, and opportunities arising

Dynamic Scheduling

Reimagining scheduling to reduce cost of services and better passenger experience

Machine Learning

How quantum computing and machine learning will shape next-generation transport

“As London follows the Mayor’s goal of becoming one of the world’s first truly Smart Cities, we must bring together the greatest minds to deliver a transformative transport infrastructure. Our vision for London’s next journey is one of collaboration, because only by learning from one another can we ensure that London continues to lead the world.”

Kumar Kona, Managing Director, Trapeze Group

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Our team of experts are already working on London’s next journey.

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Kumar Kona

Managing Director

Werner Reutebuch

Head of Product Development

Nitesh Kumar Jha

Departmental Head of Development, Data Management and BI