Duties and Schedules

Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System (DAS) is utilised by all major bus operators, and today manages driver interaction and payment for all bus drivers in London – and around 85% of all drivers nationally.

Additionally, Trapeze’s new scheduling solution for bus operators, Novus SchedulePlus, is based on the same platform as the Novus-FX system which we are presently delivering as part of the Adiona project. Novus SchedulePlus is being integrated with both Adiona (Novus-FX) and DAS, ensuring London operators have the tools required to run efficient, timely and profitable services in London.

The Industry Standard

Trapeze manages duties and payment for all bus drivers in London – and around 85% nationally


Novus SchedulePlus uses the same Novus platform as Adiona (Novus-FX), ensuring faster, compatible tender responses

Duties and Schedules

Novus SchedulePlus Integrates with Duty Allocation System, providing schedulers with visibility of true ‘on the road’ costs

“London’s bus operators will benefit from Adiona and their scheduling solution sharing a single technology platform ”

UK Bus Experts

Trapeze’s Commercial team is completely focused on serving our bus operator clients. Our experts – many of whom have decades of experience working for UK operators – provide duty allocation and scheduling solutions and consultancy services to all of the UK’s major bus operators.

James Grashoff

General Manager


Pete Adney

Software Consultant

Gavin John

Scheduling Solutions Manager