16 Years of iBus Together


Charting the road to success

16 years ago TfL and Trapeze began the iBus journey: one that would take us from a simple line diagram to a truly global flagship bus network. This site charts our shared journey, recalling some key moments, and sets out a plan for continued success in the future.

Keeping London Moving

This section recalls 16 years of iBus evolution, highlighting the initial project and implementation; reviewing the current roadmap; and exploring the trends that will shape iBus through the next 16 years.

Here for Every Journey

Exploring Trapeze’s support for TfL, from iBus to Adiona and Dial-A-Ride. But Trapeze also manages driver allocation and payment for all London operators; and supports innovation in major cities all over the world.

The Plan

Here’s the original schematic of iBus.  Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – it was then, and still is, one of the largest systems in the world

The Project

A Unique Technological Accomplishment

As the 16 Years of iBus page outlines in more detail, the scale of the iBus project was quite staggering.

Hours of Development

Bus Installations in Two Years

The Reality

Today, iBus is a global flagship solution, serving London’s population with complete and accurate information all of the time.

The Scale

Even for those of us who know, love, support and travel upon the London bus network, its scale remains uniquely impressive.

Performance-based payments per year

Trips per day

Planned stop visits per day


Traffic signals receiving priority requests



Control Centres

Day Coverage

The Journey Goes On

Such is the scale of iBus, regular annual ‘churn’ is a project akin to a large bus operator undertaking a fleetwide installation – every single year.

Buses fitted per year

Decommissions per year

Product Roadmap

Constant Evolution

The iBus roadmap remains as vital today as it was 15 years ago. Today’s roadmap is informed by 15 years of learning, plus the latest technology and transport trends from around the world.

What People Say

Simon Reed

Head of Technology and Data, Surface Transport, TfL

“iBus is seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world”

Brian Higbee

International Project Director,
Trapeze Group

“I look back with immense pride in the work achieved in delivering the complex and interesting solution to London”

Steve Benton

Operations Director,
Trapeze Group

“The technological jump, functionality and reliability when compared to the previous AVL system was astounding”

Reliable Partners

Partnership for London

iBus would not have succeeded without commitment and careful collaboration from a group of key partners. Here are just some of the organisations who have contributed.